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  • Auxilium Peritus introduce the Mobile Appliaction Platform (M.A.P)

  • M.A.P enables you to mobilise your business quickly, with an App

  • Deploy on IOS, Android and Windows Phones, we even offer a Desktop version of the App

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Mobile Apps in 2017

The world of Mobile Applications is one of the fastest growing markets. It is estimated that the Market will be worth around £154 billion by 2020. (Forrester)

By the end of 2016 estimates are 46% of the world's population, some 3.5 Billion people, will own a Smartphone.

There is no doubt that Mobile Apps are fast becoming the sales channel of choice for consumers.

In 2017 the commercial access to the internet will be, for the first time, higher on Smartphones than on the desktop.

Auxilium Peritus Gastro App

How your business can benefit

Historically, designing and building mobile apps has been an expensive undertaking. Not only in the initial phases, but in the ongoing upkeep and content provided via the App.

With Auxilium Peritus's Mobile Application Platform we address all of these issues.

Taking advantage of the Smartphones unique usage profile you business can now benefit from the following:-

Location Awareness (LBS)

LBS or Location Based Services take advantage of the devices use of GPS. The number of services and how they are implemented will grow in 2017, however today it is possible to target consumer by their location and send them notifications about product offerings, seating availability, events, in fact, all manner of things.

Product Information

Consumers can browse your products and get enhanced information which can include Video as well as traditional Images and textual descriptions.

The advantage here is that your consumers can also become your best marketing tool. A share from a consumer, a real person, is among to most powerful form of marketing.

Customer Experience

With an App your instantly take your customer experience to another level. Customer or consumers inherently feel the interaction between them and you is more personal.

Receiving a message or notification from you, feels like you are talking to them directly.

Affordable and Effective

Auxilium Peritus are able to bring Mobile Apps to the market are very affordable pricing. This is due to our Mobile Application Platform, (MAP).

MAP is a platform that enable us to Design, Build and Deploy Mobile apps to ALL platforms, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, simultaneously, with no additional costs.

That's right, One Price, ALL Platforms. Not only that we will deliver a Desktop version

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With the Auxilium Peritus MAP platform, you can manage the content of your app in realtime. The APP:Office enable you to take control of the content, adding, editing and removing as your needs change or your products and services change.

Realtime analytics allow you to see how often your App is downloaded, in which regions or countries and on what type of devices, iOS, Android, Desktop etc.

See how successful your campaigns are, Loyalty Card Performs, Club Card, Coupons (Offers) there is a wealth of information you can use to improve your customers experience and your business value.